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“Memory has the ability to create a visual representation of an image in our mind, to store it and to recall it. Recollection is a slow, controlled process that allows the retrieval of details associated with a previously experienced event.”

Ephemeral, Group exhibition

I am so excited to share with you my next exhibition! On December 6th, Cécile Kaiflyn, Eliana Marinari and Juliette Sallin invite you at Ressources Urbaines, 3 sentier des Saules for an exhibition including paintings and sculptures. The three artists propose to gather their personal sensitivity around the concept of

Flowers symphony

The balance of colours and shapes is what I am looking for, because I would like my work to be alive, my still life to have movement. Movement for me is a dynamic equilibrium.

Painting is a process of evolution

  I went over and over this painting because I could not make it work. It is a fine balance to find the right composition, sometimes you are never sure..

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