Artist statement


Eliana Marinari is a visual artist living and working in Geneva.


Her paintings, created by superimposing glazing layers of aerosol paint, are a surreal representation of the subject, speaking of both the distorted quality of memory and the ephemeral nature of our experiences.


The vestigial image composed of transparent imperceptible paint particles, evokes the impression of photography but conveys to the viewer, in the digital era of high resolution images, the uncomfortable feeling of something that he cannot fully grasp: the effect of an image which is not fully loading, giving the sense of the illusion of reality.


Eliana ‘s approach in developing her work is experimental. In her paintings, she applies her knowledge of traditional Renaissance painting using the technique of sfumato and unione, with unconventional materials: her original use of transparent aerosol paint, applied in glazing layers, creates hazy, dreamy compositions. Spray paint, ink, pastels and acrylic are used in her work. The result is an organic composition, a reconciliation between abstraction and figurative.



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