Eliana Marinari is a visual artist living and working in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her work explores the ephemeral nature of our experiences, as a transition between changing states. Her hazy mixed media paintings on the verge of abstraction are a blurry impression of the thousands of images we are exposed to that create our identity, our memory.

Eliana ‘s approach in developing her work is experimental, influenced by her scientific training.

In her paintings, she applies her knowledge of traditional Renaissance painting using the technique of sfumato and unione, with unconventional materials and techniques: her original use of transparent aerosol paint, applied in glazing layers, creates hazy, dreamy compositions.

In her installations, she combines natural elements with compounds commonly used in the laboratory, such as agarose, an organic powder extracted from seaweeds with a particular solid/liquid interphase.

Ink, spray paint, oil, acrylic, PVC, aluminium and agarose are used in her work. The result is an organic composition, a reconciliation between art, science and technology.


Eliana began her training in Florence as a scientist, earning a degree in Biotechnology, while studying Art under the mentoring of Greta Villa and Donatella Sfogli, from Accademia of Florence. She continued her studies in London, where she obtained a PhD at University College London.

In 2013, she moved to Switzerland, where she continued her quest in bridging the gap between Art and Science. Her experimental work is the result of this research and combines new technologies with the more traditional oil painting techniques. In 2015, she received the prestigious Swiss National Fund Award for the development of an interdisciplinary project. She set up her studio at Foound, and created a community of artists with the aim of supporting and promoting female artists from French-speaking Switzerland.

Her work has been exhibited and held in private collections in Switzerland and abroad.

Selected group and solo exhibitions:


Galerie First, Athénée4

Genève GE (CH)

Espace FERT

Genève GE (CH)


Concept store Lumières de Tam

Genève GE (CH)

Exposition Collection Privée Ville d’Aïre

Vernier (CH)

Selected Artist curated by Artexpertise for Galleria Mentana

Florence (IT)

Glam Popup

Genève GE (CH)

Awards and mentorship:

FNS, Fonds National Suisse


Realism in figurative painting, Central St Martins

London (UK)

Lauderdale House Highgate

London (UK)

Cavaliere Azzurro

Florence (IT)

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