A familiar stranger

Booooooom selected my proposal for a collaborative passion project!

One of the projects Booooooom is funding this time around is a series of paintings by artist Eliana Marinari and here’s an opportunity to be a part of the project!

As you can see in the obscured portrait above, memory is a theme that runs through Eliana’s work. With this in mind, we want to invite you to share a memory with us and answer the following:

“What is one specific moment from your past that shaped who you are today?”

You may leave your answer anonymously if you choose.

We are planning to share a selection of the most honest and engaging answers and then Eliana will select three to use as the basis for new paintings. The finished paintings and submitted texts will be presented together.

So if you’d like to be a part of this project, hit the link below to submit your answer!

A Collaborative Passion Project

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